Aker Wirth is one of the leading equipment suppliers, serving the energy sector for oil and gas drilling products as well as mining and civil construction products for the industry. Since 1895, Aker Wirth has been supporting the establishment of a modern and efficient development of natural resources and infrastructure, promoting growth and improving the standard of living.

In the field of onshore mining and foundation technique Aker Wirth is one of the leaders worldwide as to horizontal and vertical drilling technique (shafts, oil/gas, etc.) mostly for the export.

Moreover, Aker Wirth is the leader worldwide in the technique of subsea mining and has an exceptional position in providing equipment for diamond mining.

In the field of deepwater research technique, Aker Wirth has designed and manufactured special solutions – e.g. for soil sampling and other tasks – i.e. individual equipment (among others the autoclave system for the research of gas hydrates).

For more information, see the Aker Wirth website.

The contribution of Aker WIRTH as partial project „SubseaWork“ to the joint venture ISUP comprises the configuration of equipment and components of a submarine oil and gas extraction system within the scope of the initiative “Go Subsea”.

The general target of this partial project is to design equipment enabling installation, maintenance and, later on, decommissioning of submarine production plants on the sea bottom.

Compared to the products in the market, at present, it is intended to configure the handling functions and activities more autonomously, safer in operation and considerably more favourable as to cost. The integration in complex plants – that are planned by potential customers – and the relevant adaptation flexibility are an indispensable prerequisite, for this.

Principal targets of the partial project are the development and configuration of

  • an installation and assembly framework for the sea bottom that - structured in modules – supports the installation and also the subsequent maintenance and modification work

  • a multi-functional submarine implement operating as remote-controlled and partially autonomous system on the sea bottom for construction, operation, enlargement and also decommissioning – thus, the alternative to the operation of floating equipment on the sea surface

  • selected interchangeable tools with a tool magazine extending the multi-functionality of the implement on the sea bottom in combination for special applications