German Group created for design of subsea-production systems

End of 2006 a German group of companies launched a technical development programme under the project name of ISUP. The core group is formed by the companies and institutions Bornemann, IMPaC, IPR (KIT Karlsruhe) and Aker Wirth.

The target of the group is the participation in the conception of underwater production systems for hydrocarbons by contributing components and subsystems.

This aspect is reflected by the project name ISUP - Integrated Systems for Underwater Production of Hydrocarbons.

The entire system will be designed for utilization in inaccessible waters, as under long-time ice covers or in the deep sea. The design criteria cover water depths beyond 2.000 m and a maximum distance of the production field to supporting onshore or platform bases of 100 km.

The design philosophy is led by the idea of creating a system of high integration of various components. The combination of those should together support the intended increase of flexibility and efficiency.

Thus the group defines the overall production system reflecting the international standards before designing the components and subsystems. The driving aspects of the concept are the provision of a high-performing production system by cost saving methods of installation and effective control and execution of operations by the development of selected key components.

For this target the group is not only focussing on the production flow itself but is also developing new methods and systems in the area of installation techniques, based on the aim of modularization of the entire system, as well as in the field of overall system control methods and products.

The components and subsystems under development at present are:

  1. a seabottom installation frame supporting the target of modularization. It will improve the installation performance as well as the maintenance and component exchange work throughout the lifetime of the production system.
    (Aker Wirth)

  2. a multifunctional seabottom underwater working unit will assist and perform for all physical work in the erection, installation, maintenance, operation, component exchange, intervention and decommissioning phases of the production system. It will be equipped with a variety of fixed and exchangeably in a seabottom magazine available working tools.
    This is an alternative solution to complete operation from floating units.
    (Aker Wirth)
  3. a Multiphase Boosting System can be used to increase oil and gas production by maintaining the pipeline pressure in the downstream transport system. The challenge for subsea application will focus on the optimisation of power transmission, speed control and power enhancement & recovery.

  4. an innovative concept for automation and an open control system for the whole production facility which ensures secure data transmission and which provides functions for remote diagnosis and remote control.
    (IMPaC / IPR - KIT Karlsruhe)